Primal Pride 2024: Soft Hearts, Tough Hides

WHEN: Friday, June 14th @ 6:00pm PDT/9:00pm EDT
WHERE: The Drowning Wench, Upper Limsa on Leviathan
WHAT: A one-day Pride festival on Primal encompassing a big gay city parade, big giveaways, live music, and more!
WHO: The Primal Pride Production Crew, The Soft Spot Boys, and you!

The Day's Events

«Never Waste a Photo Op»

Before anything else, we issue a challenge to every gposer, screenshot queen and shader auteur out there: we want to see your shots and vids! Post your best Primal Pride screenshots and videos on Cohost, Twitter, Bluesky or Instagram with the hashtag #PrimalPride2024 to enter a raffle for a 10 million gil prize! Additionally, our favorite posts of the day will get special highlights from the crew! Entries for this raffle have a soft cut-off -- It ends when the winners are announced at the after party!

«The Rainbow Raid Returns»

2023's LAVENDER SCARE was a huge success, but you can't beat the classics. The RAINBOW RAID returns for 2024! Break out your best and dye it your fav, we're storming the streets bleeding color again! We suggest having one outfit dyed a solid color for the parade, and having standby dyes for after if you wanna do a pride flag look. As every year, parade attendants will have plenty of dye on hand to share if you need some! The colors above are only suggestions, don't be afraid to wear your favorite shade!Character Requirements
»You will need to complete the Level 15 Main Scenario Quest "The Ul'dahn/Gridanian/Lominsan Envoy" to move between cities.
»You will need to complete the Level 15 quest "Color Your World" from Swyrgeim near the Waking Sands to unlock dyeing.
»You will need to fully attune to the Limsa Lominsa aethernet to teleport to the airship landing.
»Free trial characters are encouraged to participate, but we cannot trade dye to free trial characters. If you can't get a hold of dye on your own, it's okay! Come as you are!
»MEET UP at The Drowning Wench in Upper Limsa Lominsa. The party starts early. Group up with your buddies and make sure you're dressed, dyed and ready!
»TAKE THE STAIRS to the Bulwark Hall.
»PARADE WEST to the Arcanist Guild Aethernet Shard.
»TELEPORT to the Airship Landing using the Aethernet Shard.
»TAKE THE AIRSHIP to Gridania!
»HEAD UPSTAIRS and give the others a moment to catch up!
»PARADE NORTHWEST past The Adders' Nest!
»MOVE NORTH just past the bridge.
»PARADE EAST to pass Mih Khetto's Amphitheatre and enter the Shaded Bower.
»RETURN TO NEW GRIDANIA by turning south.
»TAKE THE LIFT to the Hustings Strip
»TAKE THE STAIRS TO THE EAST down to the Steps of Thal.
»TAKE A LEFT, AND THEN LEFT AGAIN at the Aethernet Shard.
»TURN RIGHT AND HEAD NORTH through the market towards the Gate of Nald
»HEAD INTO THE QUICKSAND where we'll END THE PARADE and chill for a moment to let everybody catch up. This is a good time for bards to start back up.

«Booty Roulette»

And finally, the huge annual giveaway! We can't fit everybody into Coerthas anymore for gil darts, so we're going to keep this in the city. It's a similar principle. Everybody will pick a place around The Gold Court in The Steps of Thal, and /sit, hoping to stop on invisible waypoints. This year we have time cards and untold millions of gil to give away!

«The Afterparty»

The festivities will conclude at The Soft Spot, Ward 4 Plot 37 in Shirogane on Leviathan. There will be continued random giveaways, live music with DJ R.R. and Belle, pics with the Primal Pride crew, and plenty of room to dance! We may have more giveaways, if a fundraising goal is met and Kirune will announce the winner of the screenshot raffle here! If you're underlevelled, send a friend request to Bingis Dingis@Leviathan to teleport directly there with Estate Teleporation!

Theme - Soft Hearts, Tough Hides

This year's theme is a call to take no shit but never harden up. A tall order, but something we find important in times and political atmospheres like this. Keep faith in the goodness of other people. Don't lose trust in humanity. Never let hope leave your grasp. And don't be afraid to punch a nazi.

Once again, Primal Pride would like to ask our attendees to consider donating to our fundraiser. In a decade where queer rights-- and especially trans rights-- are under considerable legislative assault, we have again chosen to support Lambda Legal. Every dollar donated this year is being matched by a generous donor, so when you donate, you're doubling your impact! In 2022 we raised $1567.69, and in 2023 we raised $5,019.38 (doubled by a donation matching campaign!) In 2024 we hope to smash that record. Hit the link below to go to the fundraising campaign!

The Crew

Kirune Ronso
Head of the «soft.» LGBTQ FC and owner of The Soft Spot Cafe and Nightclub. Kirune is Primal Pride's producer, organizer, speech boy and hype bastard. They started Primal Pride with Mirri Dragontear for people who can't attend a physical Pride event-- whether that's due to not being out, being disabled, living in the boonies, or a global pandemic. Now, 9 years later, Primal Pride is only growing bigger every year.

Thriced Talon
Snow leopard engineer and rising superstar VTuber Thriced Talon returns as Stream Producer and co-host for 2024! A long-time member of The Soft Spot crew, he's here to film the moment!

Shippo Diavoletto
Shippo returns for his second year as our Executive Producer. As a founding member of The Soft Spot's staff, he's a long-time attendee of the event!

For their support, Primal Pride would also like to thank:
The «LGBTQ» Alphabet Academy FC
The «Haven» Outer Haven FC
Marina Malachite


To request support: You can contact Kirune at Spookybiscuitz on Discord, @Spookybiscuits on Twitter, or @SpookyBiscuits on Cohost. Whether you want to collaborate, take an interview, have any kind of question, need your 2024 donor reward corrected (Before July 31st 2024!) or any other reason you may need to contact the organizer, the line is open!To give support: Primal Pride accepts all donations! Gil, items, monetary support, whatever you have in mind. We'll take it all and use it to make Primal Pride bigger and better! Contact Kirune in the same manner as above, and we'll add your name to our Thank You list on the Hosts page! Additionally, consider checking out our fundraiser for Lambda Legal!

Donor Wall

This year, Primal Pride is bringing back our fundraiser for Lambda Legal. Your donation will play a critical role in the fight for the civil rights of LGBTQ and HIV-positive people. Every dollar donated this year is being matched by a generous donor. When you donate, you make twice the impact! If you choose to support us with a donation of $15 or more, we'll feature your name or a name of your choosing right here after the event! Donors of $100 or more get a special drawing from Thriced!

Past Donor Walls

Top DonorAura

Gold Donors

Celosia Arcanine
Kaliope Aigean
Marina Malachite
Sky Lark

Silver Donors

Celosia Arcanine
Kono A'vett @ Lamia
Sam Leonhart
Tehryn Alexandyr

Bronze Donors

Greenwrath Shroud
Gregor The Hero
Iris Astraia (Maduin)
Seuris Feathers
Vivian Heartbloom

Is your name missing? Needs correcting? Forgot to pick your donor reward on Tiltify? Hit the Support page to get in touch and we'll get it fixed as soon as possible!

Donor Wall 2022

In 2022, Primal Pride ran its first ever fundraiser and chose to support Lambda Legal, a 501(c)3 organization fighting for the full legal and lived equality of LGBTQ+ and HIV-positive people. With the help of the heroes below, we raised $1567.69, over 6 times our original goal of $250! Our gratitude goes out to these donors for their generosity.
The full list of donors can be seen here.

Top Donor

Radigast Yorvasch

Gold Donors

Feilong Karma

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Elrek Alderi
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Marina Malachite
Vaunt Nightember
Seren Rahl
Eilif Rehw-Gilda
Comet Snep
Mazeh'a Zorroyo

Donor Wall 2023

In 2023, Primal Pride once again chose to support Lambda Legal, a 501(c)3 organization fighting for the full legal and lived equality of LGBTQ+ and HIV-positive people. The attendees of Primal Pride raised $2509.69 for the cause, smashing last year's fundraising record of $1567.69! Our gratitude goes out to these donors for their generosity.
The full list of donors can be seen here.

Top Donor

Mittens Fluffybottom

Gold Donors

Jude Walker
Lukayn Furbeanz
Noir Soleil
Sam Leonhart

Silver Donors

Kai Argentium
Lyss Windreaver
Marina Malachite
Sky Lark

Bronze Donors

Arista Vellar
Cassian Eaves
Celosia Arcanine
Cenauru Dotharl
Csej Lyone + Wyzneyha Bharkoenawyn
Hattie Bright
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Maral Kha
Prahda Crane
Railyyn Iahe
Sa'Tay Bay
Tathgar Karmazynsch